CD "Pssst, I know something!" ("Pssst, ich weiß was!")

Poems, stories and counting rhymes
with music by Tchaikovsky, Paganini and Dvorák

A bouquet of classics from children’s literature that itself is almost music with its rhythm, rhyme, sounds and wit. Is it really possible to add musical compositions on top of it? Yes, it works!
The result is a magical CD featuring short children’s poems and stories by famous and lesser known authors, alternated and combined with short piano pieces from Peter Tchaikovsky’s “Children’s Album”, traditional folk songs, children’s rhymes and tongue twisters that vie for virtuosity with the solo violin in Niccolò Paganini’s "Perpetuum Mobile", and the “Dumpky” piano trio by composer Antonin Dvorák providing the finely tuned soundscape for cheerful, grotesque and reflective moments from the world of children’s poetry.
The text and the music never overpower one another, each is complemented and enhanced by the other.
The three internationally award-winning musicians are the perfect partners for narrator Kai Spitzl, with his versatile voice and unerring feeling for both text and music.

Performers: Kai Spitzl (speaker), Anna Zlotovskaya (violin), Olga Smotrich (violoncello),
Tatiana Kozlova (piano)
Music dramaturgy: Anna Zlotovskaya, Tatiana Kozlova
Production: Intelligent Entertainment, Kai Spitzl